Objects, per NSW Electoral Commission registration as group of candidates #auspol

For NSW Electoral Commission registration 

1. To return elected members to the parliaments to provide sufficient funding for substantial research to cures for all cancers, and other types of diseases;
2. To ensure New South Wales public hospitals are adequately funded and managed;
3. To ensure people afflicted with cancer or other chronic or acute health conditions pay no more than 10% of the therapies required for their relief from cancer in hospitals and clinics and at home;
4. To lobby federally to make personal expenditures on health necessaries to be deductible against personal income tax;
5. To bring other reforms of government administrations to enlarge revenue funds available for the primary aims of the Cure Cancer movement, particularly to enhance conditions for working people and families in New South Wales;
6. To cause the establishment of a New South Wales Health Futures Fund to provide capital and income for the foregoing purposes;
7. To modernise schools, colleges and universities education standards and teaching professionalism;
8. To ensure all New South Wales schools and school children and teachers and ancillary staff are adequately funded to achieve improving standards of learning and career opportunities;
9. To cause to establish a New South Wales Education Future Fund to ensure adequate capital and income for all New South Wales education requirements, including TAFE and Universities;
10. To assure ready access for all people to common law and the Courts;
11. To assure freehold land titles and Crown registration in New South Wales;
12. To assure enduring and convenient land use permissions throughout New South Wales and to assure adequate professional construction standards, insurance and liabilities;
13. To provide consumer cost-free rail and public bus and ferry transport in and around Sydney, such in aid of improving economic productivity by relieving the direct drain cost of traffic congestion and atmospheric pollution and to limit road construction outlays;
14. To improve New South Wales Government and Parliament integrity and probity processes;
15. To protect and enhance the working conditions and careers of all New South Wales Crown officers;
16. To protect the Faiths, and to cause plebiscites about New South Wales with respect to: (i) gambling; and (ii) prostitution;
17. In pursuit of justice and equality, to remove workers compensation disputes into the District Court, and to relieve injured working people of the threat of having to pay dispute costs;
18. Similarly to restore motor accident injury disputes to the jurisdiction of the Courts, and to relieve people injured in motor accidents from the threat of having to pay dispute costs;
19. To cause detailed review of all New South Wales Parliament’s Acts and Regulations and other delegated legislation and quasi-legislation, and orderly repeal of stale legislative instruments, and effective amendments to ensure just and convenient administration.

Anthony & Sharni Monaghan