Thank you from Sharni and Anthony Monaghan

Many people have helped this campaign, with words of encouragement, sound advice, material support, putting up signs, letterboxing and attending polling booth stations.

To each and every of you, thank you very much from the Monaghans.

“We’re certainly prepared to campaign again for parliamentary voices for honest good government in New South Wales,” Sharni says.

Anthony says, “Whatever the vote count, from deciding to stand until polling day was five weeks. We’ve been hugely educated in that short time, and we’ll improve on that learning in preparation for next time.”

The Monaghans plan a thank you lunch in June for all who helped with the campaign.

“The invitation will be in the mail.

“Thank you again very much.”

Sharni and Anthony Monaghan “NSW people should put a halt to misbehaving political parties and their connections.”
Sharni and Anthony Monaghan “Thank you”