Dear Professional,

Re: Vote 1. MONAGHAN Anthony 2. MONAGHAN Sharni for NSW Legislative Council on Saturday 23 March 2019

This is to invite your electoral support for Anthony and Sharni Monaghan who are candidates for election to the NSW Legislative Council on Saturday 23 March. Mr and Mrs Monaghan are Group H on the upper house ballot paper.

For voting day, because we are only two candidates together on the Upper House ballot paper – Group H – there is no box atop the Group H column bearing just our own two names. People who vote for us are kindly asked to number a further 13 boxes below the line to assure the vote’s validity.

Mrs Sharni Monaghan is principal of Greylings Attorneys, Mosman, where Mr Anthony Monaghan clerks.

Your vote for us is a vote for a serious voice to protect the traditions of Australian common law, particularly an engaged private profession, an independent judiciary, and guaranteed access to judicial determination of disputes.

Whether a workers compensation dispute or motor accident dispute, ordinary people, each of us, in New South Wales should be afforded the majesty of the law, and our younger practitioners need forums of law with discipline and tradition to bring their best legal professional ability to the service of the community.

We oppose curtailment of courts’ jurisdictions.

We question and would put down statutes infesting adjudication of contested money counts between greater and minor interests to non-legal and occasional contractors.

We oppose other dead wood statutes and clumsy, here-today-gone-tomorrow regulatory caprice.

We insist on the return of Land Titles dealings to NSW Government administration, and withdrawal of the PEXA licence.

More generally , like any other family with descendants in New South Wales, we are very concerned at the response of governments to the risks of deleterious climate degradation. Skyscraper high-rise all over Sydney promises unacceptable crowding.

Like you, we are very concerned at the failure of standards of probity of the political executives in Sydney and Canberra. Political corruption in Sydney is a national security question. Dispensing $450 million of your family’s money to a group of party pals pretending concern with the Great Barrier Reef tells the world, our neighbours, and others, that Australian political process lacks character.

NSW public assets are being sold to entities in closeted international tax havens where you are usually unable to search holders. That encourages the less handsome to collect on the way out and pose too on the receiving end.

New South Wales should be a good State with honest administration and advantageous progress across the common and individual yields.

Yours sincerely,

Sharni Monaghan Anthony Monaghan