Free public transport to relieve Sydney’s roads, air pollution, productivity #auspol

Sydney public transport should be free to users, say NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) candidates Anthony and Sharni Monaghan.

Free public transport will relieve Sydney traffic congestion, improve air quality, reduce government corruption

“Traffic congestion on Sydney roads 24 hours a day, seven days a week, shows that the Macquarie St factions are unable to govern for the long term benefit of the people of New South Wales,” says Mr Monaghan.

“The cost of traffic congestion, in terms of pollution of air quality, lost recreational and working time, and unnecessary and expensive roadworks is far greater than revenue foregone by making public transport free to users,” Mr Monaghan says.

“Massive road works projects being planned by the corrupt Liberal-National Party State Government will be let without tenders to overseas contractors whose bribes to local party connections can be hidden offshore,” Mr Monaghan says.

“That is the plain record of the O’Farrell-Baird-Berejiklian LNP governments, which dishonesty will continue if the LNP retains government,” the candidate says.

“It is dispiriting to young families that the governments exhibit deceit, pathological self concern, and plain incompetence in approaching the challenges of the future.

“Good government requires reliable and thoughtful long-term town planning for low and medium density housing, with pockets of high density at appropriate locations.

“Free public transport in and around Sydney will be major step forward in ensuring that tomorrow’s air quality is vastly improved, and that our times to get to work and to our recreations is much reduced.”

Mr and Mrs Monaghan are the Group H candidates on the Upper House ballot paper.