Health insurance should mean what it says #auspol

A basic failure of the New South Wales health system is that health insurance does not cover the big bills that can turn up unexpectedly.

This is a question for the State Parliament, as well as Canberra, given the New South Wales Parliament has primary responsibility for delivery of health services.

“Health of all people should be a primary focus of our State and federal Governments but they have failed, and are unable to bring the system up to the standards of care the community expects,” says Anthony Monaghan, who with his wife, Mrs Sharni Monaghan, is a candidate for the NSW legislative Council (Upper House) at the State election on 23 March.

“The economics of delivering satisfactory health care at reasonable cost are plain to state,” Mr Monaghan says.

“Healthy people have more time to give to their families and friends.

“Good health services delivery makes sure that people are better at their work and have more money to spend shopping.

“It is a shame that revenue misconduct in Macquarie St and Canberra has had the tendency to defeat our best health service deliveries.

“That’s another good reason Sharni and I seek your vote for us to be elected to the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) on Saturday 23 March,” Mr Monaghan said.