Mona Vale Hospital actions political, questionable and disgraceful, say candidates Monaghan #auspol

Dear Neighbour,

What has happened with Mona Vale Hospital, Manly Hospital, and the Northern Beaches Hospital is a warning of worse to come for us folk of the shire formerly known as Warringah.

There are clear dangers ahead for people of Narrabeen and surrounding suburbs if the NSW Parliament and Government – of whichever party – continue on the urban development paths which have plundered and wasted the beauty of Dee Why, Brookvale, Manly and other parts.

You can see that these developments are careless of the security, happiness and prosperity which should be the promise and delivery of the governments – local, State and Federal – which serve you and your families and friends.

You can wonder why the Northern Beaches Hospital was built grotesquely high, before you realise that the big picture for furtive usurpers is high density apartment towers all around Belrose, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, and millions of dollars in corrupt secret commissions.

You are probably as well very concerned that Healthscope Ltd, a company donor to one of the extant political parties, was awarded, without tender, a contract to operate the Northern Beaches Hospital for 20 years, and then last month sold that operating right to a Canadian-based billionaires club, Brookfield. That’s your property being dealt with by others without your permission.

Mr and Mrs Anthony and Sharni Monaghan live in the Pacific Rivage apartment building on the corner of Lagoon and Wellington Sts, Narrabeen. Sharni is principal of Greylings Attorneys, whose office is in Mosman. Anthony, a former Sydney barrister and journalist, works at Greylings. Mr and Mrs Monaghan are familiar with all aspects of activities of governments in Australia. Sharni is the chairman, since 2011, of the body corporate of Pacific Rivage and has helped to steer the community out of the quagmire of building defects and developer fraudulence which plagued the building after its opening in 2000.

There are many other matters of serious concern about the integrity and competence of the three tiers of Australian government. To meet, match and better the challenges posed by these concerns spurs Anthony and Sharni to be candidates for election to the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) in the election to be held on Saturday 23 March 2019. We solicit your vote, and the votes of your friends and relatives.

Yours sincerely, Anthony Monaghan  Sharni Monaghan

The ill fated Northern Beaches Hospital – picture SMH, click to item