Mona Vale, Manly Hospitals must reopen, say Monaghans

NSW State election Upper House candidates, Narrabeen couple Anthony and Sharni Monaghan, say they will insist on the reopening of Mona Vale and Manly Hospitals.

“Reopening Mona Vale Hospital, and rebuilding it to meet all demands will be the most efficient course for the long-term,” Mr Monaghan says.

“That’s because the inconvenience of closing Mona Vale Hospital to people needing hospital services is a far greater capital cost, say for a time of 10 years, than the aggregate of what has been spent on the new hospital and what it would cost to rebuild Mona Vale Hospital, with Australian contractors,” the candidate said.

“Quite the same case can be made for reopening and rebuilding Manly Hospital so that it is within convenient reach for the people of the district,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Obviously there are serious integrity issues on a political executive level surrounding the new Northern Beaches Hospital site selection, design, construction and operating arrangements,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Demanding correction was the grant of the new hospital’s operating contract to a Liberal Party donor Healthscope Ltd,” Mr Monaghan said. “Further, that company’s purported sale of that operating contract to a Canadian entity should be put aside for illegality in its original formation, and the assignment offshore fails for absent licence.

“On the restoration of responsible administration in Macquarie St, those recoveries procedures should be implemented without delay in the interests of the people of New South Wales,” Mr Monaghan said.

“But the more important question for voters on the peninsula at this election on Saturday 23 March is whether they vote for the voices for Mona Vale Hospital and Manly Hospital to reopen.”

Voters around the State vote for the Upper House, properly known as the Legislative Council, and is Australia’s oldest parliamentary chamber..

Mrs Monaghan is principal of Greylings Attorneys at Mosman, where Mr Monaghan also works. The couple live at Narrabeen.