Widespread corrupt conduct within Berejiklian govt #auspol #nswpol #NSWVotes

“This O’Farrell-Baird-Berejiklian government muzzles ICAC while selling the Land Titles Office to a group of banks and a developer. Public assets, new hospitals, have been sold to tax haven interests. State insurer privileges, such as workers compensation and motor accidents injury insurance, are awarded without tender to political party donors. State and Federal MPs are routinely compromised. There are many instances in many other fields where standards of political probity require correction,” say Legislative Council candidates Anthony and Sharni Monaghan, who are Group H on the Upper House ballot paper.

Sharni and Anthony Monaghan “NSW people should put a halt to misbehaving political parties and their connections.”
Sharni and Anthony Monaghan “NSW people should put a halt to misbehaving political parties and their connections.”

The Monaghans are committed to introduce stern anti corruption measures in and around New South Wales.

“Public corruption is readily discernible when project budgets increase without explanation, or overseas contractors are awarded works which could easily be done by local contractors,”Mr Monaghan said.

“In New South Wales, and in the Federal sphere, ministerial and associated corrupt conduct is widespread and is associated with political connections which are unable to explain why they are entitled to payment commissions from public projects, for example with the $50 billion submarine construction project being awarded to a French company, or the NSW government selling State assets to offshore tax haven interests” Mr Monaghan said.

“Because there are records available of offshore banking transactions, recovery actions by Treasury officers to regain public moneys which have been paid to party political operatives should be encouraged.

“The Berejiklian government and the Morrison government have been acting contrary to the public interest when it comes to defeating lobbyists’ graft and political insider influence trading.”

Mr Monaghan said government and political party corruption in Australia included no-show jobs, no work contracts, awarding public works contracts to political donors, and tax deductible political donations.

“Public corruption around Australia is defeating public purposes. We are determined to correct this poorly-educated tendency among the Australian political class,” Mr Monaghan said.

While New South Wales people suffer delays and inconvenience through endless projects by the Berejiklian govt, billions of dollars of public assets are being spirited abroad