Arranging for our children to live 150 years #auspol

The biblical lifespan three score and ten years is distinctly obsolete in the 21st century.

New South Wales parents, and neighbours, are alive to the real prospects of our children, our neighbours’ children, being physically, and psychologically, able to satisfactorily live well beyond a century. Was it three years ago the federal treasurer was talking of this generation living to 150 years?

What is obviously against the soon realisation of the immense benefits of people living far longer than previously is 19th century models of community resource management.

Anthony & Sharni Monaghan will move the New South Wales Parliament to call upon the Federal Parliament to consider its position.

The parliaments should be reconfigured to bring forward working expertise and wise counsel.

The parliamentary powers and the federal arrangements should be swiftly renovated.

It is grossly unfair to New South Wales people that their one-tenth populous sister Tasmania has an equal number of senators in the existing system.

The federal system’s military deployments have been so far unprofitable to the public purse but remunerative to certain private pockets, but endangered the prosperity and peace of the Commonwealth and its peoples, severely.

You can be sure that the New South Wales Upper House is a sufficient parliamentary platform to wring large scale change to improve our freeholds, general services deliveries and future shared prosperity.