Referendums required on NSW gambling, brothels #auspol

New South Wales Legislative Council candidates, Narrabeen couple Anthony and Sharni Monaghan will use their voices in Parliament to bring referendums on the questions of legal brothels and 24/7 gambling.

“It was remarkable the year before last when the Premier was offering local plebiscites on the joining or separation of local council areas that there was never a question raised on asking the people directly on matters of serious social import such as gambling and brothels,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Legal brothels are a terrible example to young people of the debauched spirit which infects the Parliament,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Likewise wall-to-wall gambling, whether it be the casinos, the pubs, the clubs, and its repulsive advertising. When was the desirability of all over gambling put the people of New South Wales as a policy of the government? And why not?

“If government connections have received bribes, those bribes payments are held on trust for the Treasury of New South Wales which has the primary beneficial interest in such payments and assets,” Mr Monaghan said.

“There should be first a referendum on whether legal brothels should be permitted. That referendum can be done on a local government area basis. At the same time, residents of districts can be asked about their views of future urban development, say for the next 20 years. That is a convenient and democratic process.”

“The referendum on gambling should be posed differently. People should be asked to nominate which gambling methods should be permitted around New South Wales, but also in their local shire or municipality, and which should be prohibited. The referendum may also ask at which venues any gambling should be permitted. That’s simple so far.

“So it would not be burdensome to solicit binding opinions on liquor trading hours and venues from the voters of the districts. That is economic, effective democratic process.

“It is certainly more wholesome than hiring a regiment or two or disinterested public relations officers to churn out propaganda they don’t believe on behalf of party types who cannot believe themselves,” Mr Monaghan said.