Roddy Meagher QC is right: end the judicature error #auspol #law #equity #jurisprudence

Meagher, with co-authors, Gummow and Lehane, in their seminal work,  Equity: Doctrines and Remedies, (to some, a revealed text) asperses the suffocating judicature reforms promulgated in the UK in the late 19th century, to which the New South Wales legislatures and executive succumbed perforce the Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW).

Meagher urges repeal of the fusion fallacy, in spirit of restoration of the effervescent and ancient current of exchequer reading. Common law, would be Meagher’s expression, on sensible resection of the peculiar sources of Sydney jurisprudence, common law too would regather its vitality.

Difficult to disagree with Meagher when his mind is to the fount of ideals of justice, and their nutrition.

Roderick Meagher QC
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