Threat to Wakehurst Parkway forests #auspol

Warringah shire people should be alarmed at the over development threat associated with the monstrous roadworks adjacent to the ill-fated Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest.

“Whatever assurances may be put up by party spokesman, on their records, they cannot be believed,” says Mr Anthony Monaghan, of Narrabeen, a NSW Upper House candidate at the election to be held on Saturday 23 March.

Mr Monaghan and his wife, Sharni, a Mosman solicitor, will appear on the Upper House ballot paper grouped together. All voters in NSW may vote for the 21 members to be returned to the parliamentary Upper House, properly known as the Legislative Council.

“We are very concerned at the apparent ambitions to reduce the Wakehurst Parkway forests into a high rise sprawl,” Mr Monaghan said.

“That would be a terrible outcome for beaches’ residents. Roads will be more congested. Property values will fall. Sydney’s climate will be affected,” the candidate said.

“Election to the Upper House in the Macquarie St parliament will give Sydney serious voices to matters of integrity concerns which are plaguing NSW’s administration,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Voters have a serious choice to make when marking our ballots on 23 March,” Mr Monaghan said.