Upper House is State wide election #auspol

People from all around New South Wales vote for members of the NSW Legislative Council, or Upper House.

There are about 5.2 million voters in New South Wales, who will vote for candidates to fill the 21 vacancies in the Upper House, which has a total 42 members each serving an eight-year term.

The Legislative Council oversees government legislation coming from the Legislative Assembly, or Lower House, at the NSW Parliament in Macquarie St, Sydney.

The government of the day usually selects several ministers from Upper House members of the government party.

Upper House candidates, married couple Anthony and Sharni Monaghan, of Narrabeen, say they are standing for the Upper House because of greater faculty of bringing integrity issues before the whole State, and beyond.

“The NSW Legislative Council is a powerful chamber often overlooked in Australian political commentary,” says Anthony Monaghan.

“But it is an ideal forum to prosecute our continuing campaign for integrity improvements to the Australian political system,” Mr Monaghan said.

Telephone Mr Monaghan 0421 488 656.