Woolworths proposal for Mosman should be rejected

Mrs Sharni Monaghan, Mr Anthony Monaghan, Upper House candidates at the State election
Mrs Sharni Monaghan, Mr Anthony Monaghan, Upper House candidates at the State election

Mosman Community Village’s opposition to a new Woolworths at Mosman mall has the sure support of NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) candidates Anthony and Sharni Monaghan (pictured above) whose office is at Mosman.

“The Woolworths proposal for a giant shopping mall on Military Rd near Belmont Rd is obviously unsuited to the whole district,” Mr Monaghan says.

“My wife and I agree with Mosman Community Village that the Woolworths proposal, if permitted, will destroy the village character of the Mosman main street,” the Upper House candidate said.

“There would be worse traffic jams than we now have to put up with because of State Government mismanagement.

“Existing shops will be forced to close, which will have a negative effect on commercial property values, as well as increase unemployment and reduce the range of goods and services available to Mosman people,” Mr Monaghan said.

“Adjacent schools will be affected badly as well.”

Mosman was already served by the Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, and a much bigger Woolworths mall would damage those businesses.

“It is disappointing that the rarely seen Mosman Liberal State MP has given the cold shoulder to Mosman merchants and residents who are reasonably alarmed at the plans of Woolworths to squat a monster mall in the middle of an otherwise peaceful and prosperous community,” Mr Monaghan said.

Mr and Mrs Monaghan are the only two candidates in Group H of the Upper House ballot paper at the State election on 23 March.

Mr Monaghan said the Federal Government should be requested to have the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) look into the Woolworths proposal.

“There are serious competition questions being raised by the Woolworths plan,” Mr Monaghan said.

“The ACCC should also be requested to investigate whether the Woolworths monolith should be required to divest its holdings of hundreds of hotels and tens of thousands of poker machines around Australia,” Mr Monaghan said.

“A good family grocer does not promote and sell liquor out the back door.”

Mosman Community Village website is at (click to open)www.mosmanvillagecommunity.org.